Nerd Rage against Flash

It’s a while since Steve Jobs wrote “Thoughts on Flash” and banned the Flash on iOS.

 There are some (all) arguments which just don’t make sense at all:

  • Open - Yeah, now its totaly “open” to have centralised app stores. Also you can create Flash games without paying a penny to Adobe so it’s somewhat open
  • Performance - Developers would have to optimize games more than they are used to, that’s correct. But from what I saw, flash games even with old Flash Player on tablet performs much better than todays HTML5 games
  • Touch - There are touch and multitouch functions in AS3 so that wouldn’t be problem
  • Stability - It’s true that poorly programmed games (or games which requires better performance) could possibly freeze your device, but is that reason to disallow all games? It’s like if Windows would disallow uncertified .exe downloads (actually that might happen in the future with W8 and another “awesome” appstore). – Also if you would go on your favorite, trusted portal with flash games, this wouldn’t be the case too.
  • Conclusion - Apple sux :)

I think they are not going for “open”, they are going for “we get piece from everyone’s work”.

This is my list of arguments which seems more likely(to me):

  • Greed - Apple (and other appstores) wouldn’t get 30% from everything – Google wasn’t trying to shut down mobile Flash though
  • People could choose their favorite website and play games there for free (no more Earn to Die for $1)
  • Developers and Players wouldn’t be dependent on Apple / Google and other appstores
  • Developers and Publishers try to promote their app on their stores = free advertising for appstores
  • Apple want control over installed apps – But I would HATE if Windows would want the same thing, so in what exactly are tablets/mobiles different?

So what it could be like if Flash would still be mobile?

  • There would be many portals, each prefering ~different kind of games. You could choose your favorite portal instead of dependancy on what app store serves you - also I suspect (#iluminati  :D  ) that apps which earn more get listed higher (so it’s not really quality based list).
  • It would be sponsor-based as we are used in flash games (Splash screen + More Games button + (sometimes) pregame ad - not spammed with ads, cross promotion, paid content and so on..)
  • Profit even for beginner developers and portal owners (some portals would like the game)
  • Much more games for free - with higher quality (but it would depend on your favorite portal, if you prefer original lower quality games from beginner developers with unique idea or high quality games which might seems quite unoriginal)
  • Higher quality games such as Kingdom Rush, Earn to Die and many other games for free…. (there are some paid apps which are much higher quality than Flash games, but that’s not the games I am talking about)
  • Much better choose-game experience - no more Appstore > search (for XX minutes) > install > unistall > repeat until you find good game which works on your device

The worst part about that Steve said “Flash sux” (ok, I get it, ban Flash = get earn loads $$$) is that now there are huge hate clubs which are saying the same without any real reason.

= I don’t like Apple’s ban and I want mobile Flash back (at least on Android)!

So what do you think? Do you have the same opinion or have some arguments (“Flash sux” is not argument  ;-) ) against this post? I would love to hear it!