How to install Flash Player for Android

Flash Player for Android

Flash games are great – the experience for players is much better than tediously choosing and installing/uninstalling game from store. Just try it and you will see that its much better to play games even on old Flash player. There are many games, which was not optimalized for mobile, but they are still very well playable > Just look for games which use mouse only. Don’t have Flash Player installed? Nevermind! It’s still possible to get it (even on Android 4.1 / 4.2 Jelly Bean – for example Google Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S4).

Here is how to download Flash Player for Android manually:

  1. Grab your Android device > go to Settings > Security > Check the checkbox next to “Unknown sources” (if you do not have it already checked)
  2. *Go to Player archives > Scroll down to “Flash Player for Android Archive
  3. *Download the latest version of APK

* Got Android 4.0 or higher? You can probably skip these steps and just download this apk

That’s it! You can now play thousands of amazing games without need to install them!

Here is a video summarizing these steps:

Flash Player for Android does not work for you? Here is how to fix it:

  • Simply use the default browser (Both Chrome and Opera have some troubles with it)

Tips how to enjoy Flash games on Android more:

  • Choose mouse only / mobile optimized games (you can really play any games you find online as long as they are mouse only)
  • Tap into the region of your Flash game and hold there still for few seconds >> option to go fullscreen will popout (even for unoptimized games!)

So, are you playing Flash games on your mobile device?

Here are few multiplayer games which you can play with Flash Player on mobile devices: