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How to install Flash Player for Android

Flash Player for Android

Flash games are great – the experience for players is much better than tediously choosing and installing/uninstalling game from store. Just try it and you will see that its much better to play games even on old Flash player. There are many games, which was not optimalized for mobile, but they are still very well playable > Just look for games which use mouse only. Don’t have Flash Player installed? Nevermind! It’s still possible to get it (even on Android 4.1 / 4.2 Jelly Bean – for example Google Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S4).

Here is how to download Flash Player for Android manually:

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How to fix Flash Player lag in Chrome

If you have some lags in Flash games and you are using Google Chrome, it’s possible that it’s caused by Chrome’s build-in Flash Player (Pepper Flash).

The word “Pepper” is there because they want to pepper life of flash game players  … with lagging. :)

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Why Unity isn’t the new Flash (yet)

Flash vs. Unity

Flash vs. Unity

Unity yesterday released Android and iOS addons for free making itself cheaper development tool than Flash. This will be great hook for new mobile game developers which do not have Flash CS6 yet.

Unity also dropped Flash deployment addon justifying it by saying that Adobe isn’t committed to the future development of Flash. I think it’s because they feel that Unity Web Player can compete with Flash Player – So why would they support their competition? They even said that in their blogpost:

Uptake of the Unity Web Player is growing exponentially, and, given its increasing popularity amongst Facebook gamers and new Facebook-friendly features, we expect this trend to continue over the coming year. All Unity users can publish content to the Web Player.

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Nerd Rage against Flash

It’s a while since Steve Jobs wrote “Thoughts on Flash” and banned the Flash on iOS.

 There are some (all) arguments which just don’t make sense at all:

  • Open - Yeah, now its totaly “open” to have centralised app stores. Also you can create Flash games without paying a penny to Adobe so it’s somewhat open
  • Performance - Developers would have to optimize games more than they are used to, that’s correct. But from what I saw, flash games even with old Flash Player on tablet performs much better than todays HTML5 games
  • Touch - There are touch and multitouch functions in AS3 so that wouldn’t be problem
  • Stability - It’s true that poorly programmed games (or games which requires better performance) could possibly freeze your device, but is that reason to disallow all games? It’s like if Windows would disallow uncertified .exe downloads (actually that might happen in the future with W8 and another “awesome” appstore). – Also if you would go on your favorite, trusted portal with flash games, this wouldn’t be the case too.
  • Conclusion - Apple sux :)

I think they are not going for “open”, they are going for “we get piece from everyone’s work”.

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