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New game: Dillo Hills 2

Fans of Dillo Hills? No? Nevermind! Check this out anyway – Dillo Hills 2. Racing multiplayer game – hit the downhill just right for speed boost, glide to time it right and use powerups for extra advantage!

Play Dillo Hills 2

Dillo Hills 2 WIKI

Dillo Hills 2 Chrome Webstore

New game: Helmet Heroes

I can never get enough of good fantasy MMORPGs, so here is another one: Side scrolling fantasy MMORPG Helmet Heroes. It have loads of quests, items and customization options – you can even play as a mage/warrior or something like that! And yeah, PVP is also included!

Play Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes Wiki | Helmet Heroes Forum

New game: Curve Fever 2

Tron-like games are quite popular, and visitors of can now play really amazing tron online game – Curve Fever 2. You can play alone or up to two friends on one keyboard!

Play Curve Fever 2

Curve Fever 2 Wiki | Curve Fever 2 forum

More about Tron (Wikipedia)

New game: FreeFall Tournament

Do you like Unreal Tournament? Well then you should definetly try FreeFall Tournament – sci-fi 3rd person shooter!

Developers in Free Range Games made sure that this game is NOT pay-to-win at all!

Play FreeFall Tournament

Would you like to write guide or tips on our wiki? Let me know!

FreeFall Tournament forumFreeFall Tournament wiki

New game: Astroflux

Do you like retro space shooters? And what about MMOs? If so – be sure to check out Astroflux!

Play Astroflux

Tips & tricks for Astroflux:

  • You can setup “Use mouse to aim” in menu and hover with mouse over your target – it’s easier to aim this way. It’s harder to dodge attacks though. 
  • Use weapon “Lightning Gun” for small targets which are hard to hit.
  • Watch the “Power” bar and try to keep it above 50%.
  • Destroy the spawners first (unless you want to farm their spawns).

Visit our Astroflux forum | Astroflux Wiki

New game: Robot Rage

There is new Unity 3D game: Robot Rage
It’s 1v1 robot fighting game sponsored by Miniclip.

Play Robot Rage

Tips & tricks for Robot Rage:

  • Attack from sides
  • Avoid traps, even when they are not active
  • Try to push rival into traps / off a cliff
  • Use powerups and health boxes to your advantage

Visit our Robot Rage forum.

New game: Heroes of the Sword

I’ve just published new game: Heroes of the Sword. It’s arena fighting fantasy RPG game. This game is from creators of TDP4:Team Battle

Play Heroes of the Sword

Tips & tricks for Heroes of the Sword:

  • Use JKL instead of mouse drawing to attack – it’s more accurate and easier
  • Use to attack enemies above you, J to attack below you and K to attack in front of you
  • Use down arrow / S to block attacks
  • Run away if you are surrounded by enemies

Visit our Heroes of the Sword forum.