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New game: Dillo Hills 2

Fans of Dillo Hills? No? Nevermind! Check this out anyway – Dillo Hills 2. Racing multiplayer game – hit the downhill just right for speed boost, glide to time it right and use powerups for extra advantage!

Play Dillo Hills 2

Dillo Hills 2 WIKI

Dillo Hills 2 Chrome Webstore

How to install Flash Player for Android

Flash Player for Android

Flash games are great – the experience for players is much better than tediously choosing and installing/uninstalling game from store. Just try it and you will see that its much better to play games even on old Flash player. There are many games, which was not optimalized for mobile, but they are still very well playable > Just look for games which use mouse only. Don’t have Flash Player installed? Nevermind! It’s still possible to get it (even on Android 4.1 / 4.2 Jelly Bean – for example Google Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S4).

Here is how to download Flash Player for Android manually:

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New game: Helmet Heroes

I can never get enough of good fantasy MMORPGs, so here is another one: Side scrolling fantasy MMORPG Helmet Heroes. It have loads of quests, items and customization options – you can even play as a mage/warrior or something like that! And yeah, PVP is also included!

Play Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes Wiki | Helmet Heroes Forum

New game: Curve Fever 2

Tron-like games are quite popular, and visitors of can now play really amazing tron online game – Curve Fever 2. You can play alone or up to two friends on one keyboard!

Play Curve Fever 2

Curve Fever 2 Wiki | Curve Fever 2 forum

More about Tron (Wikipedia)

New game: FreeFall Tournament

Do you like Unreal Tournament? Well then you should definetly try FreeFall Tournament – sci-fi 3rd person shooter!

Developers in Free Range Games made sure that this game is NOT pay-to-win at all!

Play FreeFall Tournament

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FreeFall Tournament forumFreeFall Tournament wiki

New game: Astroflux

Do you like retro space shooters? And what about MMOs? If so – be sure to check out Astroflux!

Play Astroflux

Tips & tricks for Astroflux:

  • You can setup “Use mouse to aim” in menu and hover with mouse over your target – it’s easier to aim this way. It’s harder to dodge attacks though. 
  • Use weapon “Lightning Gun” for small targets which are hard to hit.
  • Watch the “Power” bar and try to keep it above 50%.
  • Destroy the spawners first (unless you want to farm their spawns).

Visit our Astroflux forum | Astroflux Wiki

How to fix Flash Player lag in Chrome

If you have some lags in Flash games and you are using Google Chrome, it’s possible that it’s caused by Chrome’s build-in Flash Player (Pepper Flash).

The word “Pepper” is there because they want to pepper life of flash game players  … with lagging. :)

How to disable it? There is easy fix for that: Continue reading